Nephrology Billing

Earlier this year CMS started to allow acute patients to be dialyzed in outpatient units. Our Dialysis Billing Specialists were prepared, streamlined the billing process and educated the providers.

PreMD is fully versed on the nuances of nephrology charge. From bill monthly care for peritoneal dialysis and hemodialysis to appending proper procedural modifiers, PreMD will assist your practice to identify trouble areas. For example, are you aware compensation for dialysis session oversight demands the attending physicians to show up within a process? Have you been charging a 90935 instead of a 90937?

Transparency is the key to trusting your billing company with your life’s work. PreMD Billing and Collections staff communicate with our clients continually, not just at the end of each month. You will have access to your Tower contact in real time via e-mail and phone.

Medical practices must constantly worry about their patients, current trends in medicine and proper staff management. They must also stay current with the most recent rules about coding standards, insurance companies, and billing regulations. With so much to keep up with, details can slip through the cracks, resulting in rejections, denials, and underpayments that cost medical practices time and money.

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