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General & Specialty Surgery Billing

For a physician, other medical practitioner, group practice or clinic, how medical billing works can be a scary task. A billing service that does not bill the sessions correctly misses deadlines, or does insufficient follow-up can have a terrible effect on your bottom line. However, efficient billing service can simplify not only improve your practice but also greatly improve both your cash flow and total income.

General surgery billing covers a wide range of procedures and billing for these procedures begins with proper documentation/provider notes for services provided before, during and after each procedure.

PreMD Billing and coding specialist team are well trained in general and specialty surgery Billing. In order for a general surgery practice to be financially successful, special devotion must be paid to a number of factors, especially patient information and coding the full scope of services, following the Current Procedural Terminology CPT codes and the Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System HCPCS guidelines. Provider payments are largely determined by these categories, so it is imperative that all information and codes are entered correctly by the billing team.

We are currently using more than 35 different softwares according to the provider’s practice need. General surgery billing software can handle a number of processes that help your practice and the revenue run more efficiently.

Outsourcing you billing to the medical billing agency can actually increase net revenue. Just be sure that the company you hire understands all aspects that go into the general surgery specialty. With PreMD, you can be assured that the team working for you has plenty experience to maintain professional, knowledgeable payer interaction while getting you every dollar you deserve!

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