As physicians, do you find yourself asking, “How do I know I am getting paid correctly for the services rendered to my patients?”

“Are my fees and revenues comparable to other physicians in my field or specialty?”

Well, these are questions and concerns that should and can be answered. The good thing is that parts of these answers are within your Practice Management/Billing Software. If you have not performed an audit on your billing service or your own internal billing department, then you deserve to know and find out if the services you rendered are paid correctly.

An audit will answer the following inquiries:

  • Does my AR fall within the MGMA benchmarks for the best-run Physician practices in the country?

  • Is my office staff collecting the appropriate co-pays and balances due from patients, or do you just think they are?

  • Are the reimbursements and patient payments correctly posted?

  • What is my A/R Report really telling me? Am I really owed all that money or was it not adjusted off properly, therefore leaving you to only guess.

We pride ourselves in delivering the best services possible to our clients.

So, how do you get this audit? For a very limited time, PreMD is offering this one-time audit for free. Yes, for free! An audit will be performed and you will be presented a detailed report with answers to the questions above.

What is the catch?  Nothing. You deserve to know if you can get more out of your practice.  We have specialized in Medical Billing Audits for over 15 years, we know the numbers and metrics inside and out and we would like you to have this information for FREE.

We are offering this service for free until October 31st. After this date, we charge our normal consulting audit fee of $2,500.  You have nothing to lose except to not know if you are receiving all the money you should be.

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