Cardiology Billing

An extensive coverage of billing and coding for cardiology specialties like General Clinical, Interventional, Nuclear Specialty, Heart Failure, Transplant and surgery has been essential and our billers and coders have been the preferential choice of physicians, clinics, multispecialty groups, hospitals, and diagnostic centers across the nation.

Our cardiology billers have a thorough understanding of all the key aspects guiding cardiovascular coding. We identify the complexities of the benefits and the drawbacks of modifiers and how they apply to different cardiovascular services or procedures.

Value Delivery

  • Elimination of Audit Risks

  • Reducing claim submission delays

  • Cardiologists — with singular focus on patients, not administrative functions — can maintain higher level of efficiency in providing services.

  • Reduction in account receivables to negligible percentage; completion of claim cycle within 60 days.

  • Decrease in clients’ overhead and operating costs, consequent to outsourcing our experts’ billing and coding services

  • Continual research on coding regulations and changes to have claims reimbursed without interruption

  • Application of suitable modifiers to have the denied claims reimbursed

Did you know?

  • Our team understands that Cardiology specific CPT codes such as 93451, 93456, and 93503 are not allowed to be attached with modifier 51.

  • While billing, cardiologists are required to report most non-congenital procedures with a single code.

  • Our experts updates – Imaging supervision, interpretation & reports are included with injection procedure & cannot be reported separately in the case of all cardiac catheterization procedures.

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