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DME has become a very challenging and complicated billing process.

To correctly submit claims to the payer, the medical biller must be familiar with purchases, rentals, recurring, and repair billing, along with unique modifiers reflecting these types of supplies. In addition to these challenges, there are policies for medical necessity, limited/maximum benefits, and exceptions for nursing home and hospitalization settings.

Furthermore, Medicare beneficiaries are selecting Medicare Advantage plans more often, impacting billing. PreMD Billing understands how to track and manage all of these billing challenges. We have developed custom programming to track your rentals and recurring items, manage your AR and still turn over your receivable efficiently.

With a goal to eliminate fatal and non-fatal document errors, we appoint trained professionals to closely work with providers. Our billing professionals will patiently collaborate with your team to obtain information relevant for insurance companies. We meticulously collect and analyze the privacy-compliant data from your end. This data is securely held in our database for easy retrieval and error-free billing.

We send routine statements that are crisp and accurate by summarizing the practice and facility. We check statements for errors before dispatching the copy via email.

Payment discrepancies are hard to resolve without expert help and knowledge of carrier-specific claims guidelines. If the reimbursed value is lesser than your expectation our denial management service will come to your aid. If you are underpaid or denied payment altogether due to non-compliance we rectify the flaw and file appeal to ensure you are correctly reimbursed without being subjected to further ordeal.

Claims filing is often overlooked as a straightforward process that needs nothing more than handling form fill outs. On the contrary, it is a crucial step that contributes to the speed of claims processing. We reorder invoices and claim documents as per the insurance carrier’s preference because each carrier follows a unique standard while accepting documents from the claims initiator. After ensuring completeness of the digital and paper documents we file claims electronically in the format recommended by your insurer.

We generate custom reports on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis depending on your practice requirements. Our reports can shed light on DME services availed by your clients with descriptions as well as analysis of your practice’s financial performance. With our reporting services, you can streamline the productivity on the go thanks to simple UI that lets you choose relevant filters. The reports can be generated based on custom parameters that facilitate quick retrieval.

Once we collect explanations and payments from your clients, every detail is reviewed in-depth to ensure correctness. After making sure the data is error-free and valid we update the values in our database for record-keeping. We also communicate the explanation of benefits (EOB) to you so that the reimbursed amount can be compared and reconciled with our records from your end.

We collaborate with insurance companies to set up and routinely update fee schedules. PreMD’s team negotiates fee schedules with insurance companies by considering the annual inflation and median cost of living. Additionally, we keep track of aging reports by frequent follow-ups. We stay in touch with insurance companies after submission to ensure a quick turnaround.

What is DME Code?

The pricing, data analysts and coding (PDAC) specialists like us use customized durable medical equipment coding system (DMECS). This system is a directory of all codes used in DME services. It is helpful for distributors and suppliers to efficiently keep track of the billed services so that claims can be fast-tracked. An Example of DME equivalent of HCPCS code for CPAP is HCPCS code E0601.


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