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Improving patient care has become a priority for all health care providers with the general objective of accomplishing a high degree of patient satisfaction. Greater awareness among the public, increasing demand for better care, stronger competition, more health care regulation, the rise in medical malpractice litigation, and concern about poor outcomes are factors that contribute to this change.

The quality of patient care is vital, without the powerful effect of marketing, patient expectations would probably be far simpler, less expensive and straightforward than much of what healthcare organizations are attempting to provide. Patients normally want what any susceptible person who finds themselves relying on strangers wants from those they are dependent on. They want safe, effective, timely clinical care from skilled clinicians who are able to make them feel personally cared for, included in decision making and relaxed.

PreMD PS Department works together with other internal and external functional areas to effectively, seamlessly, efficiently and ethically manage patient accounts receivables.

PreMD PS department ensure both customer satisfaction and revenue integrity. Our Services includes the following;

  • Eligibility

  • Patient Ledger Verification

  • Insurance Verification

  • Follow-Up & Collection

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  • Cash Posting

  • Payment Review

  • Denial Management

  • Charge Capture

  • Revenue Reporting

  • Patient Payment Analysis

Over the past 20 years, patient satisfaction surveys have gained increasing the attention as meaningful and important sources of information for recognizing gaps and developing an effective action plan for quality enhancement in healthcare organizations.

Here are the common questions that a patient can ask you after receiving a statement.

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Patient Services FAQ’s

At least once a month, you will receive a statement that lists what your insurance company still owes and what you owe. Statements continue until all payments are made in full.

If your insurance plan does not cover the services you received, you are financially responsible for your charges.

“Adjustment” refers to the portion of your bill that your hospital or doctor has agreed not to charge you.

Then it’s up to the physicians if they agree to offer you an installment plan or give you a discount and we will settle your account and adjust the remaining balance.

We are not allowed to receive payments however for the payment either you need to call the office directly or cut down a check and mail out to the office.
Yes, we accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express for few clients.

We use a combined billing statement, which means we bill you for both the doctor and the use of the facility and equipment on the same bill. This allows you to receive one bill and make one payment for both charges.

We will cross verify the information with the insurance carrier and will adjust the balance accordingly and you will be receiving another statement with the correct balance.

Medical professionals assist in your care even though you may not meet them. Nurse practitioners; pathologists; radiologists; and X-ray and imaging technicians involved in your care may be listed on your statement.

Deductible and co-insurance requirements per your contract benefits may be the additional responsibility, however, let me confirm the status on your claim.

After a 120-day billing cycle, your balances may transfer to an outside agency.

Please confirm if it’s a correct bill and after receiving the confirmation, please get back to the patient.

When a physician specialist performs these services, he/she is generally required to submit their bill separate from the hospital’s bill.

Every hospital visit involves both physician and hospital resources. Although the hospital and the provider may use the same language to describe each charge, their bills are for separate services. The physician’s bill will be for professional assessment, direction and oversight. The hospital’s bill will be for the technical resources, including procedures and equipment, medications and supplies.

Please investigate and explore the system in order to give them the appropriate answer.

Please verify that your insurance carrier has received and processed the claim. If the claim has not been processed, then carefully review your insurance policy or contact your insurance carrier to determine if the services and procedures are covered.

PreMD will process and send a bill to a patient after payment is received from the insurance carrier and it is confirmed that the balance is owed by the patient. The length of this process depends on how long it takes to receive a response from your insurance carrier, and whether there is secondary insurance.

Please investigate and then inform the patient that the Payments received after the Statement Date will appear on your next statement.

If you receive your health care services from a hospital, physician or other health provider that participates in your health plan, they are considered “in-network.” Hospitals, physicians or other health care providers who do not participate in your health plan may be referred to as “out-of-network.” You may have a higher co-insurance and/or co-pay for out-of-network services. In some cases, out-of-network services are denied totally.

When you experience any changes regarding your health insurance you should advise the front desk at the time of service.


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